Sunday, December 29, 2019

how to add a urdu text in ms word | tech with saleem

how to add a urdu text in ms word | tech with saleem

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MS Word and more software its not  allowed a Urdu language by default but many of the users need to write in Urdu language in it because live in a country where use Urdu language  we need to write documents in Urdu, MS Word and more software such a no  feature we can use to enable Urdu language.

1. open this website and download the Jameel noori nastaliq fonts

 download fonts

2. open this website and download Urdu phonetic keyboard 

 download keyboard

3. extract the fonts and copy after two fonts you are open the control panel and click the 
Appearance and Personalization and open the fonts and paste here fonts

4. install the urdu phonetic keyboard and and change fonts jameel noori nastaliq and click here select the UR 

I Hope this post is very  helpful for you.thanks for reading if any question for this topic please drop the the comments for comments Box

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